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Welcome to the Much-Needed World of Militias

8e142215f420ed2aThis is the main page. Links to other content across the top of the page.
This page covers militia Web sites that have been reviewed by me. Links to militia sites that have not been reviewed are at the page titled “Militias (Link Only).”

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(Contents page covers militias listed on this page only. Look at links atop pages for more on-site content)

Militia means different things to those thinking about militias. This blog is not intended to interpret the word ‘militia’ nor to convince anybody to join one or screech in anger at the thought of militias existing. My belief is that militias perform a vital role in a country facing severe problems.

I will let the blog entries be, hopefully, self-explanatory. Some posts include commentary and notifications about aspects of the visited sites I deem worthy of mentioning. This is done to assist those browsing with determining if a linked-to site is worth visiting.

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United Sentinel Militia

United Sentinel Militia

If you are here for any nefarious or subversive reason including but not limited to: racism, terrorism, destruction or hate mongering then you have come to the wrong place. As individuals, we may not like those who possess positions in our government but we respect the system and seats that establish it.

This website and the private volunteer organization known as the “United Sentinel Militia” is not sanctioned or affiliated with the State of Utah (State Government) or the Utah National Guard.

The United Sentinel Militia was formerly known as the Utah State Militia.

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